My Life Was OK.

I mean... there was nothing TOO wrong with it. 

I wasn't morbidly obese. I wasn't clinically depressed, either.

No debilitating traumatic event had scarred me beyond recovery.

Nothing was wrong with my health. I played tennis twice a week and watched what I ate.

 I had friends I cared for dearly and met for beers - like almost every weekend.

Yeah... I actually enjoyed life.

Professionally speaking,  things weren't too shabby, either.

I was doing OK money-wise and was well on my way to a stable career (working in my family's business).

Cruising on Auto Pilot

But the thing is... I wasn't really LIVING.

The best way I can describe it, is... I was just... existing.

Wandering through life from moment to moment. Doing what was expected of me. Aiming for just "good enough".

It felt easy. It felt familiar.  IT FELT SAFE.

Something Missing

But somehow... I felt there was something missing.

It just didn't feel right. 

I couldn't quite make out what it was yet.

But... deep down I knew I had to something about it.

Then it Hit Me.

And it hit me hard.

I realized that if I never really went for it. If I never gave it everything I got... I would never face the possibility of it not being enough.

It's really tough for me to admit this. But I was afraid. Afraid of trying. Afraid of FAILING.

Yeah, I was under the spell of the EVIL WIZARD OF ORDINARY.

And so I lived an ordinary life. A life not true to who I really was. A life not lived - but existed. A life I wasn't proud of.

Not Anymore.

From that day on, I made a promise to myself. I vowed that whatever I did - I would give it everything I got. It was time to take control.

I started reading like crazy. Absorbing every single drop of knowledge I could use to better myself. I became totally obsessed with the idea of personal development. Heck - I even tattooed it on my leg.

I realized there were people out there - just like me. Who wanted to change. Who wanted more.

And so SuperDuperLife was born.

This is what I've chosen to do with the rest of my life.

Every day I learn useful stuff - from very intelligent people. Try it out. Add my own original observations and ideas... and teach it to the rest of the world.

I want to HELP YOU:

- Be Happier
- Be Healthier
- Be More Productive

I want to help you lead a Super Duper Life.

And when you do... I hope you get to where you want to go.

Paulo Vega | Creator of SuperDuperLife

ps. If  you want to know what we think a SuperDuperLife means, watch this video:


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