No. I don’t want dessert (an open letter).

It’s that time.

After a nutritious (and delicious meal), the waiter kindly offers dessert.

“No thanks,” I reply.

My friend chips in, “Are you sure? You’re soooo fit, already.”

“Thanks, but yeah… I’m SURE. No dessert for me.”

“Come on, man… Live a little…”.

At this point, I take a deep breath.

It’s going down.

I’ll have to explain to him ALL the reasons why I DON’T want dessert (for the thousandth) time.

So, here we go (again):

I CAN Have Dessert… I Just Don’t Want To

It’s not what you think. I’m not diabetic. I’m not allergic, either. I don’t have an eating disorder.

I CAN have dessert. I just choose not to. And I’m happy about it. Period.

I’m Fit BECAUSE I DON’T Eat Dessert

I’m VERY proud of the results I have achieved so far. It’s an addictive feeling of accomplishment I’m not willing to give up. Not to mention the compliments I get (which do my ego good). No, sir. I won’t allow some nutrient free calorie bomb take away all the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed at the table (and at the gym).

It’s Not Worth It… for Me

If we were in Paris and you were offering me a home-made chocolate truffle, I would grab it immediately, no questions asked. Perhaps, even two. 🙂

But a greasy brownie with two scoops of plain vanilla ice cream… It’s just NOT worth it. It’s a (pretty) simple equation. The benefits I’ll get out of eating it DO NOT outweigh the potential negative consequences.

I’ll Regret It Later On

I have no doubt the dessert will be extremely satisfying for 5 minutes… as I devour it with gluttonous intensity.

But…I know myself well.

So, before ordering, I consider the following options:

1- Eat it now — Feel great momentarily, then feel awful the rest of the day.

2- Don’t eat it now — Feel bad for a moment, but feel AWESOME (and proud of myself) the rest of the day.

I choose the latter… almost every time.

I Changed My Habits

I used to crave sugar and carbs. My mouth used to salivate when I thought about crispy french fries. Not anymore. At least not ALL THE TIME.

I’ve gone through a complete nutrition make-over. I’ve learned to love Kale. I adore the crunchiness of chia seeds. I can’t live without my green smoothie.

It’s true… greasy food gave me (a lot of) pleasure back then.

But now, I salivate for healthy and naturally delicious things.

I’m a different person now. Deal with it!

It’s Not Like I Criticize You

I leave you alone when you indulge your sweet tooth; I do not criticize you every time you crack open a can of Coke. You have the right to eat (or drink) whatever you want… So do I!

The Ugly Truth

Let’s be honest with each other. The reality is: People feel shi!!y about their own choices and look for partners in crime. It’s as if they are looking to share the burden of guilt. So, they try to elicit you with all the arguments they can think of.

But, guess what? I’m not eating just because you feel awful about YOUR CHOICES.


A Final Note to My Friend

Back at the restaurant, after failing to turn me over, my friend finally gives in… as he guiltily orders a slice of lemon pie. (He later confesses: it wasn’t worth it.)

So, to my friend, and all the other people out there peer pressuring me into eating things I don’t REALLY want:

Eat your cupcakes. Enjoy your lasagnas. Drink your sodas.

I whole-heartedly wish they bring you fulfillment and happiness.

As for me, I’m not having any of that. And I’m perfectly fine with it. Honest.

So, just leave ME alone…


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