The SIMPLE APP that made me appreciate (EVEN) the bad days

Let´s face it. Life s#ck$, sometimes!

Some days just don’t go your way. Your morning drive takes twice as long. Your boss snaps at you for no apparent reason. A friend whose opinion you value dearly, inadvertently hurts your feelings.

It´s as if a thunderous black cloud follows you around and a constant wave of pessimism floods your feelings. 🙁

Well, last Tuesday, was one of THOSE days. As I sat there on my lunch break, hating my day, I suddenly started REALLY loving my sandwich. The butteryness (if this is not a word, it should be) of the warm toasted loaf, the crispiness of the lettuce…the slight saltiness of the smoked salmon perfectly contrasting with the sweetness of the avocado. YUM (I can’t help but salivate, right now). All the bad things that happened during my day vanished, as I fully immersed myself in total gastronomical bliss.

At that exact moment, I became grateful for that blessed piece of carb-loaded heaven and nothing prevented me from fully enjoying: Every. Single. Bite.

I began to wonder if I could feel so good everyday.

It turns out you CAN! It’s possible to considerably improve how you feel and your overall level of happiness (even after a particularly crappy day).

The secret is GRATITUDE.

It´s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It´s gratitude that brings us happiness.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered an app by Gigi Games which illustrates this point. It starts by masterfully narrating a heartfelt story. Its vivid examples and sentimental tone, really drove the point home and had a lasting positive effect in me.

I introduce to you… The Gratitude App.

It´s free to download, although they pretty much guilt you into donating some money at the end. That’s a low shot, guys, below the belt. UNCOOL!

Here is the breakdown of the exercise they suggest and how I incorporated it into my life:

Every night, during my warm and relaxing hot shower, I think of three things that went well that day.

ANY three things will do… no matter how big or small, simple or complex.

I have to admit that in the beginning it´s really challenging, but it becomes inherently intuitive once you get the hang of it.

Here are some examples that I have used in the past:

I am grateful for the sunny weather.

I am grateful for the rainy weather (it relaxes me).

I am grateful an old friend of mine gave me a call and we caught up.

I am grateful I have good friends.

I am grateful that I arrived at work on time.

I am grateful I was praised by my boss.

I am grateful I still have a job.

I am grateful that I have nice clothes to wear.

I am grateful I had a good hair day.

I am grateful I still have hair.

I am grateful I have water to drink.

I am grateful I did not have any soda.

You get the picture…

Even the things some people could consider to be bad, you train yourself to see the bright side. It’s valuable exercise in optimism and pretty soon it becomes natural.

Be sure to visualize the details of the thing/event/person you are grateful for. The whole exercise should take about 5 minutes and you will start reaping the benefits a few days later.

If you can commit 5 minutes a day to this exercise, you are well on your way to developing a healthy gratitude habit and becoming happier. TRUST ME.

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